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We here at Area 47 Towing know your car is more than a tool that gets you from point A to point B, it’s your freedom. 


Your car lets you complete essential daily activities such as traveling to and from work, buying groceries, and picking up the children from school. You depend on it, so it’s important your car receives quality repairs and service.  Let us help you get the repairs you needs by transporting your vehicle safely where it need to go.

Not sure where to take your vehicle?  We work with several reputable mechanics and body shops and can help find the right fit for you!

We tow more than just your daily driver.  We have a specialized motorcycle lift to safely tow anything on two wheels.


See for yourself. When you call us for assistance or towing, we’ll treat you with respect and dignity. We won’t worry you with unnecessary expenses. Check out our reviews they speak for themselves.


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Nationally Certified Tow Operators with over 20 years experience.


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